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We use cookies to improve the functionality of the site. When you use our site, cookies (small text files) will be stored to your browser. By using cookies and usage data we aim to make our pages better for you. Cookies makes possible for example to use shopping cart, sign in and choose what language and currency is in use. Cookies enable also to improve our pages for example by analyzing what pages customers are visiting.

We use three types of cookies:

1) persistent cookies that remain on your computer and will remain valid until either you delete it or upon its expiry date, and identify users so that they do not need to enter their passwords more than once.    

2) session cookies that are deleted as soon as the web browser is closed.

3) third party cookies

Facebook's cookies. Social media cookies enable us to use "Like"-button on our pages and show content from social media (like posts and images). Cookies enable to offer better customized content and advertising. The privacy policy of Facebook cookies can be found here: Facebook cookie policy

We use cookies of Youtube to improve the visibility of our videos. The privacy policy of Youtube cookies can be found here: Youtube cookie policy.

We use Google Analytics service for analyzing. Information sent to Google is anonymized and single person cannot be identified from the information. Read more about Google cookies from Google's cookie policy.

You can disable cookies if you like, but if all cookies are disabled, our pages won't work correctly or cannot be used at all. For example making purchases is not possible without cookies. You can disable cookies in your browser settings. You can also delete cookies in your browser settings.